An introduction to the renewable energy sector

Understanding the market drivers, challenges and opportunities

Why are investors interested in renewable energy infrastructure?

Our introductory video to renewables explores why investors are allocating more into the sector. We’ll examine the industry dynamics supporting this shift, before taking a brief look at each of the key features of renewables investments in turn: typical cash profiles, technology and the return ranges of different assets available.

Meet our industry experts

In this video, you’ll hear from three Octopus specialists with deep industry knowledge and experience:

Alex​ Brierley​

Alex​ Brierley​

Co-head of Octopus Renewables
Laura Halstead

Laura Halstead

Fund Management and Operations Director
Jason Bermont-Penn

Jason Bermont-Penn

Institutional Funds Distribution Associate

Next steps

Octopus is an active investor in the renewable energy infrastructure market. If you’re an institutional investor with an interest in knowing more, or would like to talk to us about your investment aspirations, then we’d love to hear from you.

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